General Dentistry

We provide all aspects of general dentistry within a welcoming setting. We place a strong emphasis on prevention but if you do need treatment, we offer a comprehensive range of services, tailored to suit you.

  • Check-ups – these help us to spot any problems early, so you can avoid more extensive, costly treatment.
  • Fillings – we can repair a damaged tooth with traditional amalgam fillings or use composite (white) fillings for a more natural looking result.
  • Root Canal Therapy – this involves the removal of infected pulp to save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted.
  • Crowns – we can restore the strength, shape and look of an unsightly tooth with these permanent cover ups.
  • Bridges – these can fill the gaps left by missing teeth and consist of a false tooth positioned between two crowns that slot over the teeth either side of a gap.
  • Dentures – our modern dentures will bring back your smile and restore your mouth’s functionality.